on Special Report

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge was interviewed on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” July 28, 2010 about the expiring Bush tax cuts and, where people can calculate their federal income tax burdens if the Bush tax cuts expire vs. if they’re extended.

Public Affairs Specialist

If you have always dreamt of a fast-pace career involving cutting edge use of information technology and media- become a public affairs specialist. Watch the video to learn more about your dream job.

2011 Income Tax Calculator

The Tax Foundation has launched a “Bush tax cuts” calculator at, which allows taxpayers to compare their 2011 federal income tax liabilities under three scenarios: if all the Bush tax cuts expire completely at the end of this year, if they’re all extended into 2011 or made permanent and if President Obama’s budget is […]

Computer Operator

Self-proclaimed computer nerds make great computer operators. If you love troubleshooting, or you know exactly what that long complicated error message that looks like Greek to the rest of us means-this is the perfect job for you.

Are Capital Gains Taxes Going to Rise?

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge appeared on CNBC’s “Street Signs” on July 8, 2010 to debate whether the capital gains tax rate’s possible increase from 15% to 20% would be too high. With the new 3.8% investment tax on high-income earners that was part of health care reform, the rate would be 23.8%.