Personal Users Part 1 – Overview

Personal My Tax Account – Video 1: Overview

This series of helpful training videos will teach you how to use My Tax Account, the online tax system for individuals who have a debt with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

This video will give you an overview of My Tax Account, its navigation and help features.

To logon to My Tax Account:


This My Tax account training series is divided into three videos.

This video is an overview of My Tax Account, focusing on its navigation and help features for managing your personal tax accounts. Currently, personal account management is only available to those who have a debt with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Each video starts at the My Tax Account Login Screen. This is where you’ll register for, and log in to My Tax Account. It’s located on our website at Select the My Tax Account icon on our homepage.

Here are three tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Use the help features

On the login screen, we have links to other help videos and resources for you to manage your personal accounts.

If the corner of the entry field is orange it is a required field.

If an entry field is red, there is an error. Hover over the field for a brief description of the error.

Tip 2: Prepare your computer

Make sure your web browser is updated.

To avoid issues with My Tax Account, use these minimum versions as your browser.

Next, disable your popup blocker.

Since My Tax Account opens new browser windows for some functions, you should disable the popup blocker on your browser when using the program.

You may also need an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

Tip 3: Use the action links at the top and the tabs in the middle of your screen.

Alerts appear in the top of the screen you’re on, and several options are available under “I Want To.” You can do things like view your profile, pay your collection balance, view payment details, add access to an account, opt in to go paperless, and more.

Continue to video 2 to learn how to register for My Tax Account.