Personal Users Part 2 – Registration

Personal My Tax Account – Video 2: Registration

This series of helpful training videos will teach you how to use My Tax Account, the online tax system for individuals who have a debt with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

This video will help you register for My Tax Account.

To logon to My Tax Account:


In this video, we’ll look at registering your personal My Tax Account.

You can only access personal account management if you have received one of these four notices from the Department of Revenue: Statement of Account, Notice of Amount Due, Notice of Overdue Tax, or Notice of Referred Debt.

If you have a My Tax Account profile for business, we recommend you create a separate, personal, My Tax Account profile to ensure privacy and separation between your accounts.

To register as a new personal user, select the My Tax Account icon from our homepage. Find the link “New user? Create new username” and follow the steps.

Step 1 – enter your profile information.

Create a username and password and enter an email address that is not currently used in My Tax Account. We may use this email address to send notifications such as system outages and filing reminders.

Enter the requested information and select a secret question and answer to help you log in to My Tax Account if you get locked out or forget your password.

Unless you are managing someone else’s account, select “No” to the “Are you a third party preparer” question, and click Next to continue.

Step 2 – Select the identification type you want to use. Most people will use their Social Security Number. Enter the last name and zip code as it appears on your letter, even if the letter is incorrect.

You’ll be able to change that information once you set up your profile. Click Next to continue.

Step 3 is not necessary for this type of account. Click Submit.

You must agree to terms of use for My Tax Account.

You will see a confirmation page, and will receive an authorization code by email.

As soon as you receive the authorization code , click Home from your Confirmation page to log into My Tax Account. If you navigated away from My Tax Account, go to and select the My Tax Account icon on our homepage.

After you enter your username and password, click Log in. Then, enter the authorization code in the Security Code field and click Log in again. You must set your security preferences under Authentication Type. This security information will be used for a two-step security process the next time you login. Click Save. You are now logged into My Tax Account.

Check your options for mail delivery. Make sure it’s set to paperless.

You have now set up your profile, contact information, security information, and mail delivery options. At this point, you are ready to add access to your personal accounts.

Continue to video 3 for Using My Tax Account.