Translation Method: Current Rate Methods | Advanced Accounting | CPA Exam FAR

This is lectures, I cover translation of financial statement using the current method. Under the current method, all assets and liabilities are translated using the current exchange rate on the balance sheet date. For income statement accounts (revenues and expenses),a weighted-average exchange rate is used to approximate the results that would be obtained from translation of each transaction. Under the temporal method, monetary assets and liabilities are translated at the current exchange rate. Assets and liabilities carried at historical cost are translated at historical exchange rates. Assets and liabilities carried at current values (such as inventory carried at market under the lower of cost or market rule) are translated at the cur- rent exchange rate. Revenues and expenses that relate to assets and liabilities translated at historical rates (such as depreciation expense, amortization expense, and the cost of sales) are translated at the historical rates used for the related assets and liabilities. Other revenues and expenses are converted using a weighted-average rate.
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