Will McBride Explains America’s Shrinking Corporate Sector

The U.S. loses about 60,000 corporations per year and has lost about 1 million corporations since the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Over time, more businesses have structured themselves as “pass-through” entities. This allows profits to be passed through to owners and taxed at individual tax rates that are often lower than the corporate tax […]

America’s Shrinking Corporate Sector

Fox & Friends covers the latest Tax Foundation report which describes how the US corporate tax code is contributing to the decline of the US corporate sector. Full Text: American corporations are shutting down at alarming numbers and taxes are to blame. According to a new report from the Tax Foundation, 1 million corporations have […]

What are Capital Gains Taxes?

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge and Economist Kyle Pomerleau explain the ins and outs of capital gains taxes in the United States. Questions answered in the video: – What are capital gains? – What are capital gains taxes? – How does the US treat capital gains differently than its competitors? – How do taxes on […]