Tools to File & Pay Taxes Online

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides helpful tips to assist you in filing and paying your taxes online. Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Transcript: when it comes to filing and paying your state taxes the Department of Revenue has tools to help you every step of the way file your return for free using Wisconsin […]

It’s Easy to Pay Your Taxes Online

It’s easier than ever to use the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website to pay your estimated taxes or make tax return payments. Here’s an overview on how to get started. Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Pay online: Estimated Tax Payment Inquiry: Not sure if you should be making estimated payments? Check here: […]

Estimated Tax Payments

Save time and effort. Look up your Wisconsin estimated payment history online. Look up estimated tax payments: Not sure if you should be making estimated payments? Check here: Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

City of Boston Business Certificate

Failure to register a business is punishable by a fine of not more than $300.00 each month that a business is not registered. The “doing business as” (d/b/a) certificate is renewable every four (4) years from the date of registration with the Office of the City Clerk. Please list the name and address of your […]

OSHA’s Form 300A

OSHA’s Form 300A The (Form 300) is used to classify work-related injuries and illnesses and to note the extent and severity of each case. When an incident occurs, use the to record specific details about what happened and how it happened. The — a separate form (Form 300A) — shows the totals for the year […]