Nanny Tax Rap

Plenty of “sin taxes” have been proposed this past year: an 18 percent tax on non-diet soda (NY), a 7 percent poured drink tax (Pittsburgh), a 5 cent bottled water tax (Chicago), an 1800% hike in beer taxes from $1.30/keg to $24.80/keg (OR), a $5 chage on entries into strip clubs (TX), etc. Well, no […]

The Tax Foundation’s CompeteUSA Campaign

Just 20 years ago, the U.S. led the world in cutting business taxes to make our economy more conducive to job creation. Since then, every other industrialized country has cut its business taxes while we have stood still. Today, only Japan has a higher business tax rate than the U.S. The wages and living standards […]

Dream Job? Our business taxes in the United States are among the highest in the world. Is it any wonder that jobs keep moving overseas? For more information, and videos like these, check out:

Takin’ on the Tax Code!

Ever wonder who is standing in the way of tax reform? Washington is full of special interests who need to be overcome! If taking on Washington’s special interests were only as easy (and fun) as in this video, we could have a new tax code tomorrow!

Tax Freedom Day: The Song! New Year’s Day seems like an awfully long time ago. So it’s pretty alarming that we’ve been working for the government this whole time! Tax Freedom Day, on April 23rd, marks the day we stop earning money for the government and finally start to keep the money we earn. Are you troubled by this […]