How To Handle VAT On Digital Products In Europe? – Version 2019

What will you learn in this e-manual?

When to charge European VAT?

How can you avoid it?

What are electronically supplied services?

Who are your customers and where are they from?

Intermediary platforms.

Reporting VAT and VAT MOSS return.


2019 changes.


You will receive 45 – pages e-manual.

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To whom is this material intended and to whom not?

Material is intended to non-EU electronic service providers:

-who do not have their headquarters or business units in the EU

-sell electronic services

-sell them to final consumers from the EU

-and from 1 January 2019 also to those non-EU businesses who are already registered for VAT in the EU because they sell products or other non digital services

It is not intended for:

-companies from the EU

-companies that sell goods or services that are not digital

-those with headquarters or a business unit in the EU


Price: $9.99

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