Software for Combining csv Files

  This program allows merging two databases in csv format via common nominator. For example You have an IT system with a database containing information on the ID number, amount, order number, and other database where are the information about the partner or the product and an ID number, which is the same as the […]

Vechiles Sales and/or Registration Taxes Calculators

Free calculators California Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator The Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator allows current and new residents of California to calculate an estimate of their vehicle registration fees, determine Vehicle License Fees (VLF) paid for tax purposes, and calculate fees for registration renewal and used vehicle purchases. Delaware Fee Calculator Vechile and registration calculator Michigan […]

AccuWage Software 2012

In order to run the Java version of the AccuWage/AccuW2C software, you must have the necessary Java Runtime Environment (JRE) files on your PC. Most users already have these files on their systems because Java applications are used in a wide range of computers and networks and are compatible with nearly every platform. AccuWage 2012 […]

IRS Updated Withholding Guidance for 2013

Jan. 3, 2013 The Internal Revenue Service released updated income-tax withholding tables for 2013 reflecting this week’s changes by Congress. The updated tables, issued today after President Obama signed the changes into law, show the new rates in effect for 2013 and supersede the tables issued on December 31, 2012. The newly revised version of […]

Mileage Log Template

Daily Business Mileage and Expense Log – Excel  PDF Word Daily Business Mileage and Expense Log Date Destination (City, Town, or Area) Business purpose Start Stop Miles this trip Type (Gas, oil, tools, etc) Amount Weekly total Σ Σ Σ Σ Total year-to-date Σ Σ