US Tax Court Decision – Shea Homes, Inc.

SHEA HOMES, INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES, ET AL.,1 Petitioners v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent Docket Nos. 29271-09, 1400-10, Filed February 12, 2014. Full text of court decision: Shea Homes, Inc – U.S. Tax Court Decision full text in .pdf Conclusion: SHI, SHLP, and Vistancia are permitted to report income and loss from the sales of […]

Equal Access to Tax Planning Act

Equal Access to Tax Planning Act – Deems any strategy for reducing, avoiding, or deferring tax liability insufficient to differentiate a claimed invention from the prior art when evaluating specified conditions of patentability under federal patent law.   Bill Status Bill Text

Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act

Bill Status Official Summary 7/27/2011–Introduced.Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act – Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to impose restrictions on foreign jurisdictions or financial institutions operating in the United States that are of prime money laundering concern or that impede U.S. tax enforcement. Amends the Internal Revenue Code to: (1) establish a rebuttable presumption against […]

Tax Law

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