Reverse Sales Tax Calculator (De-calculator)

State and local sales reverse tax calculator (de-calculator). You can use this calculator to calculate the sales tax that is included in receipts.

This calculator is useful for following  cases:

  • If you have price with included tax, and you known tax rate. With this calculator you get price BEFORE TAX.
  • If you know all amount which you receive, and you will must pay 5 % tax on net amount. How much is net amount and how much tax is  in net amount?
  • It help you to calculate Reverse sales tax.
Gross amount including tax (A): $
Sales tax 1 xstate): %
Sales tax 2 (city): %
Sales tax 3 : %
Sales tax 4 : %

Gross amount including tax $ 0
Net amount before tax $ 0 $ 0

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