How to Submit Documents for your Wisconsin Homestead Claim

Transcript: In this video you’ll learn how to electronically submit documents for your homestead credit claim. The easiest way to submit your documents is to attach them to the homestead form when you file. If you’ve already filed and now need to add documents, you may submit them electronically. Here’s how� First you need to […]

Revenue Newsfeed – Information Filing Return Tips

There are new wage and statement filing requirements for employers and payers. If you file 10 or more W2s or 10 or more 1099s you must electronically file them by January 31, 2018. This Wisconsin Department of Revenue video provides tips to help filers avoid filing delays and errors. See Publication 172 on

Understanding the Wisconsin Homestead Credit

Wisconsin’s homestead credit program is designed to help low income taxpayers with their property taxes or rent. This video provides an overview of qualifications –including new requirements for claiming the homestead credit and the information you’ll need to complete your claim. For more information, visit our website at

Homestead Credit Filing Overview for Tax Preparers

This video is an overview of the Homestead Credit program. It covers qualifications for the credit, which schedules to use, completing the Rent Certificate, and avoiding common errors. Get more information on the Homestead Credit web page: Transcript available by request.