San Francisco New 2012 Minimum Wage Rate

New 2012 Minimum Wage Rate: $10.24/hour effective January 1, 2012.

Beginning January 1, 2012, all employers must pay to each employee who performs work in San Francisco (including temporary
and part-time employees) wages not less than $10.24 per hour.

The minimum wage requirement, set forth in the San Francisco Minimum Wage Ordinance, Chapter 12R of
the San Francisco Administrative Code, applies to adult and minor employees who work two (2) or more hours
per week. Each year, the City will adjust the amount of the minimum wage based on increases in the regional
consumer price index.
Under the Ordinance, employees who assert their rights to receive the City’s minimum wage are protected
from retaliation. Employees may file a civil lawsuit against their employers for any violation of the Ordinance.
The City can investigate possible violations, shall have access to payroll records, and can enforce the minimum
wage requirements by ordering reinstatement of employees, payment of back wages unlawfully withheld,
and penalties.



Minimum Wage Laws in the States

Minimum Wage Laws in the States : Basic Minimum Rate (per hour), Premium Pay and After Designated Hours (Daily,  Weekly).

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Consolidated State Minimum Wage Update Table

The state minimum wage rate requirements, or lack thereof, are controlled by legislative activities within the individual states.

Federal minimum wage law supersedes state minimum wage laws where the federal minimum wage is greater than the state minimum wage. In those states where the state minimum wage is greater than the federal minimum wage, the state minimum wage prevails.

U.S. Department of Labor - Wage and Hour Division (WHD)