New federal FY 2012 Per Diem Rates – from October 1st 2011

Fiscal Year 2012 Maximum Per Diem Reimbursement Rates

New per diem reimbursement rates for federal travelers for Fiscal Year 2012 go into effect October 1st 2011.

FY 2012 Per Diem Rates (Excel file, 124k)

GSA’s Per Diem web page

Federal travelers will find that most per diem rates for FY 2012 are similar to the previous year and that most rates did not increase or decrease by more than $5.

The standard U.S. lodging rate, which applies to approximately 2,600 counties in the continental U.S., remains at $77. Additionally, the meals and incidental rate tiers of $46 – $71 remain the same in FY 2012 as the previous year.

FTR Bulletin 12-01



Federal Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) and Per Diem Rates

General Services Administration:

Meals and Incidental Expenses ( M&IE) Breakdown

Section 301-11.18 of the Federal Travel Regulation

Per Diem Rates (CONUS Rates)

Department of State:

Foreign Per Diem rates are established monthly by the Office of Allowances as maximum U.S. dollar rates for reimbursement of government civilians traveling on official business in foreign areas. Lodging and M&IE (Meals & Incidental Expenses) are reported separately followed by a combined daily rate.

Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location

FTR Appendix B (Breakdown of Meals/Incidentals)

Excel Version of Foreign Per Diem Rates

More about Foregin Per Diem Rates