2011 CPA Exam Score Release Timeline

Scoring timeline for 2011

From the fourth testing window  in 2011 will scores be released to NASBA following the first month of testing in a window, with subsequent score releases every two weeks for the remainder of the window.

After October 1, 2011 scores for the CPA Exam will be released by NASBA to state boards of accountancy based upon the table below.

Day in Testing Window* Target Release Date Timeline Target 11Q4 Score Release
Day 1 – 20 10 business days following
day 20 of the testing window
November 3
Day 21 – 45 5 business days following
day 45 of the testing window
November 21
Day 46 – Close of Window 5 business days following
the close of the testing window
December 7
After Close of Window 5 business days after receiving
all scoring data for the testing

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