2020 Withholding Calculator (IRS)

Click here to enter 2020 IRS Withholding Calculator

This calculator have five steps . First you have to enter what filing status will you use on your 2020 Income Tax Return: will it be Single, Married filing joint return, Married filing separate return, Head of Household or Qualifying widow(er).

You will also have to enter if you  claim dependents.  In Other Sources of Income and Tax Payments you  can enter:

Receive Social Security benefits this year.
Receive a scholarship or grant that must be counted as income.
You will collect unemployment compensation.
Earn net income from self-employment.
Receive unearned income such as dividends, interest, annuities, alimony, or a distribution from an IRA (not Roth IRAs), 401(k) or a trust.
Had withholding or made estimated payments for income such as dividends, interest, distributions from an IRA (not Roth IRAs), 401(k) or a trust, or other form of specialized income.
Have earned income from other sources.

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