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A new Informational alert will display if the Submitter EIN (RA or RCA Record) and Employer/Agent EIN (RE or RCE Record) fields are matching. This is an informational only alert. If you intended for the fields to match and there are no other errors in the file to correct, please leave AccuWage/AccuW2C and go to the BSO Webpage to upload your file. You will not receive the pop-up to go directly to the BSO Webpage from AccuWage/AccuW2C TY13 if you received the informational alert.

AccuWage/AccuW2C is free software from Social Security.

  • AccuWage is for use with Electronic Filing W-2 – EFW2
  • AccuW2C is for use with Electronic Filing W-2c – EFW2C

The software allows you to check W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) and W-2c (Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) reports for correctness before you send them to Social Security.

After downloading and installing AccuWage/AccuW2C software on your PC specify the directory where your W2REPORT or W2CREPORT file is located. AccuWage/AccuW2C reads the file and informs you of any errors it detects.

The AccuWage/AccuW2C software identifies most of the common format errors in wage submissions. Using this software greatly reduces submission rejections. Please be aware that even if no errors are identified by AccuWage/AccuW2C, your submission could be returned because of other errors.