California Form 1095-A

Your Form 1095-A shows the amount the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) paid to your insurance company to lower the cost of your health coverage. The amount paid was based on the most recent household size and income information you provided to Covered California. If that information changed during the year and you did not report the change to Covered California, you may have paid too much or too little for your health coverage.

You will need your Form 1095-A when you prepare your federal income tax return.

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ou will need it when you prepare your taxes. Similar to a W-2, a Form 1095-A is one of the things that will determine the amount of taxes you will pay or the refund you receive. You will use it to fill out IRS Form 8962. Form 8962 is an IRS form to “reconcile” the tax credits your health insurance company received based on your estimated income with the amount that you qualify for based on your actual income, as reported on your federal tax return.

IRS Form 8962