Massachusetts Form 355 ES Instructions 2012

Massachusetts form 355 – ES Instructions for 2012


Corporation Estimated Tax Payments Instructions for Form 355-ES Payment Vouchers

What is the purpose of the estimated tax payment vouchers?

The purpose of the estimated tax payment vouchers is to provide a means for paying any current taxes due under Chapter 63
of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Who must make estimated payments? All corporations that reasonably estimate their corporation excise to be in excess of $1,000
for the taxable year are required to make estimated payments.

Note: Corporations with more than $100,000 in receipts, sales or revenue must make all payments electronically. Go to WebFile
for Business at for more information.

Are there penalties for failing to pay estimated taxes? Yes.

An additional charge is imposed on the underpayment of anycorporate estimated tax for the period of that underpayment. Use
Form M-2220 when filing your annual return to determine any
penalty due.

When and where are estimated tax vouchers filed? Estimated taxes may be paid in full on or before the 15th day of the
third month of the corporation’s taxable year or according to the following installment amount schedule, on or before the 15th day
of the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth month of the taxable year.