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Accounting for Non-Accountants is the must-have guide for all of us who have never taken an accounting class, are mystified by accounting jargon, and have no clue about balance sheets, income statements, or statements of cash flows.

Whether you own a business, plan on starting one, or just want to control your own assets, you’ll find everything you need to know:

How to prepare and use financial statements

How to manage budgets

How to deal with audits and auditors

How to control cash flows

How to use accounting ratios to interpret financial statements



he authors of ACCOUNTING, 24e, understand that you need to find important information quickly. This textbook uses an integrated learning system to help you complete homework and lead you to accounting mastery. Built on the authors’ proven approach, clear examples and high-impact writing style, you will be guided through the preparation of financial statements to understand accounting’s evolving role in business.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Accounting & Business.
2. Analyzing Transactions.
3. The Adjusting Process.
4. Completing the Accounting Cycle.
5. Accounting Systems.
6. Accounting for Merchandise.
7. Inventories.
8. Sarbanes-Oxley, Internal Control and Cash
9. Receivables.
10. Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets.
11. Current Liabilities & Payroll.
12. Accounting for Partnership & LLC’s.
13. Corporations: Organizations, Stock Transactions & Dividends.
14. Long-term Liabilities: Bonds & Notes.
15. Investment & Fair Value Accounting.
16. Statement of Cash Flows.
17. Financial Statement Analysis.
18. Managerial Accounting Concepts & Principles.
19. Job Order Costing.
20. Process Cost Systems.
21. Cost Behavior & Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.
22. Budgeting.
23. Performance Evaluation Using Variances from Standard Costs.
24. Performance Evaluation for Decentralized Operations.
25. Differential Analysis, Product Pricing and Activity Based Costing.
26. Capital Investment Analysis

ISBN-10: 0538475005
ISBN-13: 978-0538475006


Carl S. Warren, University of Georgia
James M. Reeve, University of Tennessee
Jonathan Duchac, Wake Forest University

South-Western College Pub; 24 edition (October 2010)


The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand

The Accounting Game presents financial information in a format so simple and so unlike a common accounting textbook, you may forget you’re learning key skills that will help you get ahead! Using the world of a child’s lemonade stand to teach the basics of managing your finances, this book makes a dry subject fun and understandable. As you run your stand, you’ll begin to understand and apply financial terms and concepts like assets, liabilities, earnings, inventory and notes payable, plus:

–Interactive format gives you hands-on experience
–Color-coded charts and worksheets help you remember key terms
–Step-by-step process takes you from novice to expert with ease
–Fun story format speeds retention of essential concepts
–Designed to apply what you learn to the real world

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