State of California Franchise Tax Board Power of Attorney – Form 3520

Click here to get form: Power of attorney (3520) – State of California Franchise Tax Board

Use this FTB 3520, Power of Attorney Declaration, to grant authority to an individual to receive confidential tax information, or to represent you before Franchise Tax Board.
You can also use this form to authorize an individual to receive information from our nontax programs, such as Court-Ordered Debt Collections, Vehicle Registration Collections, etc.

Other Acceptable Forms of POA Declarations
They also accept these POA declarations:
• IRS Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (Form 2848) or IRS Tax Information Authorization (Form 8821), if you modify to state that they apply to Franchise Tax Board matters.
• A joint Board of Equalization/Franchise Tax Board/Employment Development Department Power of Attorney (BOE 392). You must check the “FTB box” to authorize representation
• General or durable POA declarations.
• Handwritten authority documents.

If you do not use our FTB 3520, ensure that your declaration includes:
• Your name, address, phone number, and social security number or business identification number.
• The name, address, phone number, and fax number of your representatives.
• A clear statement that grants a person (or persons) authority to represent you before the Franchise Tax Board, and specifies the actions authorized.
• The specific matters and tax years or income periods.
• For estate tax matters, the decedent’s name and date of death, and the representative’s authorization.
• Your signature and the date. If you file a joint declaration, then both spouses/RDPs must sign and date it.

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