Second B Notice Sample

Second B Notice

IMPORTANT TA X NOTICE ACTION IS REQUIRED Second Backup Withholding Warning! YOU MUST HAVE THE IRS OR SSA VALIDATE YOUR TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER AND RETURN IT TO US: ________________________________. Otherwise, backup withholding will begin. Account Number Current Name on Account Current TIN on Account We have received notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) twice within 3 years stating that the combination of the name and taxpayer identification number (Name/TIN combination) on your account with us is incorrect. (Your account number, current name on the account, and current taxpayer identification number (TIN) on the account are shown above.) A Name/TIN combination is incorrect if it does not match a Name/TIN combination shown on the records of the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the IRS. You should follow the instructions below to correct this problem and send the corrected information to us before the date shown above. If we do not have the correct information before that date, the law requires us to backup withhold on interest, dividends, and certain other payments that we make to your account. The backup withholding rate is: __ [set forth rates/dates] Section 3406 of the Internal Revenue Code requires that we withhold a predetermined percent in tax, called backup withholding, when you do not give us your correct Name/TIN combination. Because of the notices we received from the IRS, we are now required to disregard any future Name/TIN combinations you furnish us for your account (whether or not you certify your TIN under penalties of perjury) unless SSA (or, in the case of an incorrect employer identification number, the IRS) validates your Name/TIN combination. Also, the IRS may charge you a $50 penalty for failing to provide us with your correct Name/TIN combination. What You Need To Do for individuals Follow the instructions below to correct your account record to avoid backup withholding on your account (or to stop it once it has begun) and to avoid the penalty.


Instructions for Incorrect Social Security Numbers If the incorrect TIN you furnished us is a social security number, you must: 1. Contact your local SSA office to secure a Social Security Number Printout. 2. Give a copy of this notice to the SSA; and 3. Request a Social Security Number Printout from the local Social Security Administration Office. Send the Social Security Number Printout directly to us with a copy of this notice attached.

Non- individuals or Certain Sole Proprietors

Instructions for Incorrect Employer Identification Numbers If the incorrect TIN you furnished is an employer identification number, you must: 1. Write the Internal Revenue Service Center where you file your income tax return, and ask the IRS to send you a Letter 147C; 2. Enclose a copy of this notice in your letter to the Internal Revenue Service Center; and 3. When the IRS sends you the Letter 147C, send it to us with a copy of this notice attached Source: Publication 1281,Page 21

B Notice