California State Board of Equalization BOE ePay Mobile App

The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) is offering a free application, BOE ePay, that allows owners of most mobile devices to make payments to their BOE tax and fee accounts.

BOE ePay enables taxpayers to use their credit card, checking or savings account to make ePayments, view their ePayment history and register and manage their eClient account. Taxpayers must register as an eClient to use all application features. An Express Login code is available to taxpayers who simply want to make ePayments.
To see BOE ePay in action, check out the video and find the application here: Blackberry and other mobile devices can use BOE ePay as long as they have a web browser other than Internet Explorer.

BOE ePay

The BOE ePay app is a streamlined way to manage electronic payments and user account details on your mobile device. You can log in either with an eClient ID or an Express Login code. Download it now for your iPhone, Android mobile device, or use it on other mobile devices with a browser (other than Internet Explorer).

What can I do?

  • Registration: If you don’t already have one, you can create an eClient ID for your BOE account.
  • ePayment: Make electronic payments to your BOE account either through bank debit or with a credit card. You can also view your ePayment history and the details of prior ePayments.
  • eClient/Account Maintenance: Manage your eClient User ID, Password and Email address. You can also manage your BOE Account Email address.

BOE Application

The BOE application enables mobile users to find the closest BOE office or verify a permit. Download it now for your iPhone or use it on all mobile devices.

What can I do?

  • Permit Verification: Verify the status of a seller’s permit account number included on a resale certificate, a cigarette/tobacco products license or an ewaste recycling fee license.
  • Find Board of Equalization Offices: Get an office’s address and phone details, or with the tap of a button call an office or open its location in the Maps application to get driving directions.