New York State: June 15, 2012 due date for corporation tax estimated taxpayers

Most taxpayers are mandated to Web File the following corporation tax forms.  You’ll need to create an Online Services account or file through approved software.

  • CT-400, Estimated Tax for Corporations
  • CT-5, Request for Six-Month Extension to File (franchise/business taxes, MTA surcharge, or both)
  • CT-5.3, Request for Six-Month Extension to File (for combined franchise or combined MTA surcharge return, or both)
  • CT-5.4, Request for Six-Month Extension to File New York S Corporation Franchise Tax Return
  • CT-5.9, Request for Three-Month Extension to File (for Article 9 tax return, MTA surcharge, or both)
  • CT-5.9-E, Request fo Three-Month Extension to File Form CT-186-E or Form CT-186-EZ (short form)

 You can’t Web File the CT-5.1, Request for Additional Extension of Time to File.  However, you can e-file the CT-5.1 through approved software.

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