North Carolina 2011 Individual Tax Return Forms

D-400 with TC  Individual Income Tax Return and Form D-400TC, Individual Tax Credits (You must include Form D-400TC if you claim any tax credits.) [web fill-in, instructions]

D-400 without TC   Individual Income Tax Return (no tax credits) [web fill-in, instructions]

D-401  Individual Income Tax Instructions for Form D-400

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Tax Rate Schedule for Tax Year 2011

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2011 news

• North Carolina no longer has an income tax surtax.
• An addition is required on the 2011 income tax return for taxpayers claiming bonus depreciation and
section 179 expense deduction.
• A deduction is allowed for individuals who added back bonus depreciation and section 179 expense
deduction on their 2010 income tax return.
• A tax credit for children with disabilities who require special education is available to certain taxpayers.