Alternative Minimum Tax 2011

The tax law provides exclusions for certain kinds of income and deductions and credits for certain expenses. The alternative minimum tax (AMT) attempts to ensure that an individual who benefits from certain exclusions, deductions, or credits pays at least a minimum amount of tax. The AMT is a separately figured tax that eliminates or reduces […]

North Carolina 2011 Individual Tax Return Forms

D-400 with TC  Individual Income Tax Return and Form D-400TC, Individual Tax Credits (You must include Form D-400TC if you claim any tax credits.) [web fill-in, instructions] D-400 without TC   Individual Income Tax Return (no tax credits) [web fill-in, instructions] D-401  Individual Income Tax Instructions for Form D-400 More forms Tax Rate Schedule for Tax Year […]

New York State 2011 Individual Tax Return Forms

IT-201 Resident Income Tax Return You must file Form IT-201 if you were a New York State resident for the entire year. You must also complete Form IT-201-ATT, Other Tax Credits and Taxes, and attach it to your IT-201 if you are: subject to other New York State or New York City taxes claiming any […]

Federal Tax Refund for 2011 Tax Year

Taxpayers can help ensure their refund arrives as expected by submitting an error free return. Use the correct Social Security number or taxpayer identification number, the correct address, and the correct bank and routing number if electing direct deposit. You don’t need to wait on the phone to check on the status of your refund. […]

Michigan 2011 Individual Income Tax Forms

  Michigan 2011 Individual Income Tax Forms   MI-1040 Individual Income Tax Return Individual Income Tax Instruction Book MI-1040CR Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim MI-1040CR Instructions Find more forms here   Individual Income Tax Instruction Book   2011 Michigan individual tax news Annual mailing of MI-1040 instruction booklets will be limited as part of budgetary […]

Ohio 2011 Individual Income Tax Forms

Ohio individual income tax changes for 2011 Filing Deadline Extended — The deadline for filing your Ohio (and federal/IRS) 2011 income tax return is April 17. The deadline was extended because of a holiday observance in Washington, D.C. (Emancipation Day) that falls on April 16th, the traditional filing date. Pell Grant Deduction — Ohio taxpayers […]

Illinois Individual Income Tax

Form IL-1040 Illinois Individual Income Tax Return Form IL-1040 Instructions More Forms IL-1040 Due Date The due date for fi ling your 2011 Form IL-1040 and paying any tax you owe is extended to April 17, 2012. Who must file an Illinois tax return? If you were -an Illinois resident, you must fi le Form […]

2011 EITC Income Limits and Maximum Credit Amounts

Earned Income and adjusted gross income (AGI) must each be less than: $43,998 ($49,078 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children $40,964 ($46,044 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children $36,052 ($41,132 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child $13,660 ($18,740 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children Tax Year 2011 maximum credit: […]