First B Notice Sample

First B Notice

IMPORTANT TA X NOTICE ACTION IS REQUIRED Backup Withholding Warning! We need a Form W-9 from you before: _______________________. Otherwise; backup withholding will begin on Account Number Current Name on Account Current TIN on Account The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has notified us that the taxpayer identification number (TIN) on your account with us does not match its records. The IRS considers a TIN as incorrect if either the name or number shown on an account does not match a name and number combination in their files or the files of the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you do not take appropriate action to help us correct this problem before the date shown above, the law requires us to backup withhold on interest, dividends, and certain other payments that we make to your account. The backup withholding rate is: __ [set forth rates/dates] In addition to backup withholding, you may be subject to a $50 penalty by the IRS for failing to give us your correct Name/TIN combination. This notice tells you how to help us make your account records accurate and how to avoid backup withholding and the penalty.

Why Your TIN May Be Considered As Incorrect?

An individual’s TIN is his or her social security number (SSN). Often a TIN does not match IRS records because a name has changed through marriage, divorce, adoption, etc., and the change has not been reported to SSA, so it has not been recorded in SSA’s files. Sometimes an account or transaction may not contain the correct SSN of the actual owner. For example, an account in a child’s name may reflect a parent’s SSN. (An account should be in the name and SSN of the actual owner.)

What You Need To Do for Individuals?

If you have never been assigned a social security number (or if you lost your social security card and do not know your SSN), call your local SSA office and find out how to obtain an original (or a replacement) social security card. Then apply for it. If you already have a social security number: Compare the name and SSN on your account with us (shown at the beginning of this notice) with the name and SSN shown on your social security card. Then use the chart on the next page to decide what action to take. Source: Page 18, IRS publication 1281


B Notice