New York State – Summary of Tax Provisions: 2012-13

Open Summary of Tax Provisions: 2012-13 in .pdf document.

Summary of Tax Provisions contains:

  • descriptions of the tax provisions contained in the budget legislation enacted for New York State’s fiscal year 2012-13
  • a tabular guide to the tax provisions in the budget bills, listing each provision and its bill section, page, description, and effective date.

Summary of SFY 2012-13 Tax Provisions

Tax Credits
New York Youth Works Tax Credit Program
Biofuel Production Credit
New York State Low-Income Housing Credit
Empire State Commercial Production Credit
Noncustodial Parent Earned Income Tax Credit
Tax Modernization
E-File Mandate and Tax Modernization
Corporate Taxes
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Transitional Provisions
Fuel Taxes
Alternative Fuel Exemptions Extended
Diesel Motor Fuel Tax Definitions – Technical Fix
Real Property Taxes
Extending Oil and Gas Charges 4
Eliminating STAR for those with Past Due Obligations 5
Miscellaneous Provisions
MCTMT Rates for Professional Employer
Extend the lower Pari-Mutuel Tax Rates
Distribution of Revenue from Sections 183 and 184
Amend Hotel Room Remarketer Sales Tax Compliance
Public Safety Communications Surcharge
Appendix Appendix A: Index of SFY 2012-13 Tax Provisions
Appendix B: Summary of Tax Changes Enacted in 2011
Extraordinary Legislative Session