New Filing Compliance Procedures for Non-Resident U.S. Taxpayers (FBAR, Form TD F, Tax Return)

The Service is announcing a new procedure for current non-residents including, but not limited to, dual citizens who have not filed U.S. income tax and information returns to file their delinquent returns. This procedure will go into effect on Sept. 1, 2012.

Taxpayers wishing to use the new procedure will be required to submit: (1) delinquent tax returns, with appropriate related information returns, for the past three years, (2) delinquent FBARs for the past six years, and (3) any additional information regarding compliance risk factors required by future instructions. Payment of any federal tax and interest due must accompany the submission. More information about the application process including where submissions should be sent, will be provided prior to the effective date.

Any taxpayer claiming reasonable cause for failure to file tax returns, information returns, or FBARs will be required to submit a dated statement, signed under penalties of perjury, explaining why there is reasonable cause for previous failures to file.  See IRS Fact Sheet FS-2011-13 (December 2011) for examples of reasonable cause. Any taxpayer seeking relief for failure to timely elect deferral of income from certain retirement or savings plans where deferral is permitted by relevant treaty will be required to submit:

  • a statement requesting an extension of time to make an election to defer income tax and identifying the pertinent treaty position;
  • for relevant Canadian plans, a Form 8891 for each tax year and description of the type of plan covered by the submission; and
  • a statement describing:
    • the events that led to the failure to make the election,
    • the events that led to the discovery of the failure, and
    • if the taxpayer relied on a professional advisor, the nature of the advisor’s engagement and responsibilities.

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